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Take 'Em Down Organizer's Summit: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead
Down with White Supremacist Symbols, Up with People Power


23-25 March 2018
New Orleans, LA


You are officially invited to “Take Em Down Organizer’s Summit: Lessons Learned & Challenges Ahead” on the weekend of March 23—25th.  We have watched and admired your contributions to the epic movement to rid the public square of toxic, white supremacist symbolism worldwide. From Texas to Trinidad & Tobago, Baltimore to Bristol, UK we are watching symbols to a system of overt racist oppression fall before our very eyes as we collectively organize to remove them one by one.  Our work now remains as crucial as ever as these symbols represent a system of oppression that reared its ugly fangs in the form of the historic Charleston massacre of 2015 that spawned this movement; and continues to reveal itself in the form of continued police killings of black and brown bodies; and a US president that embodies white supremacy like few before him.

We are the Take 'Em Down NOLA coalition. After two years of organizing, that built on some 4 decades that preceded it, we were successful in forcing the city government to take down 4 white supremacist monuments in New Orleans. Since then, white supremacist monuments have fallen in several cities around the southern United States. Meanwhile our enemies are organizing on the state level to ban the removal of any Confederate statues as a blatant rebuttal to our work. 

Our conference in March will be the first of its kind designed to commemorate, celebrate and strategically align Take 'Em Down efforts. The conference will be targeted towards organizers from around the country and the world who have been engaged in Take Em Down movements in their respective communities. We also welcome anyone in support of the movement to attend. It will feature a kickoff event, plenaries, panels, and workshops, keynote speakers, and a final protest action to promote our new ordinance to remove ALL symbols to white supremacy in the city of New Orleans. 

We would ideally like to see represented every city or community with a monument or symbol movement afoot (and even those just getting started or planning on it). Attached to this email is a form on which you may indicate your level of interest as a presenter or an attendee. We hope to see you in the space that weekend to share an epic time of grassroots community and movement building.

Please RSVP as soon as possible as presentation slots will fill up quickly. Whether interested in presenting or attending only, please go to our registration link and sign up now. Slots are filling up. We look forward to hearing from you.  If you have questions or need to discuss anything, email us at info@takeemdownnola.org