Take 'Em Down Global Summit:

Down with White Supremacist Symbols,
Up with People Power
23-25 March 2018
New Orleans, LA

Hosted by: Take ‘Em Down NOLA and SUNO Center for African & African-American Studies

The past several years have been a watershed moment for groups organizing radical
challenges to the systems of colonial, racial, and economic oppression operating in their
communities and identifying the institutional and symbolic form they take. Coalitions in the US South have fought the hegemony of the Confederate flag; South African students have toppled Cecil Rhodes; and Trinidadians push to remove Christopher Columbus from their public squares. Across the United States and indeed the world grassroots efforts have emerged to identify the myriad concrete forms these systems take in their cities, schools, and workplaces—as symbols, as institutions, as legal doctrine.

In March 2018, the Take 'Em Down Global Summit in New Orleans, LA will bring together a wide collection of leaders to support collaborative discussion, strategy and empowerment and bring together leaders in shared struggles. All activists, organizers, faith and community leaders, and scholars committed to decolonizing the symbols that represent, and the systems that govern, our communities are invited to attend, participate, and contribute.

The three-day conference will host activists and thinkers from parallel movements all over for sharing of experience and collaboration in strategy in keynote presentations, panel session, workshops, guided tours, and a collective action. Join Take ‘Em Down NOLA and the Southern University Center for African & African-American Studies for this exciting meeting.

More information on how to participate and attend COMING SOON.

The conference will be hosted at Southern University at New Orleans.


We the people of New Orleans demand that the Mayor and City Council take immediate action to remove all monuments, school names and street signs dedicated to White Supremacists. These structures litter our city with visual reminders of the horrid legacy of slavery that terrorized so many of this city's ancestors. They misrepresent our community. We demand the freedom to live in a city where we are not forced to pay taxes for the maintenance of public symbols that demean us and psychologically terrorize us. We demand:
  1. That the city release a timeline for the immediate removal of the monuments;
  2. That the city expand the definition from 4 specific monuments to encompass all monuments to White Supremacy;
  3. That the city develop a community driven process for the removal of the monuments and the choosing of their replacements.