We envision this summit as a collaborative endeavor. There are no formal calls for presentations or papers—we want to hear from you. We want to hear from, support, and engage activism and organizing work from across the United States and the world—to present a comprehensive view on "the state of the struggle" over white supremacist symbols and systems.

The Take 'Em Down Global Summit seeks, first and foremost, to provide low/no barrier space for activists and organizers to share their experiences and work in their home communities and to learn from that of others. Scholars, students and the public are welcome to participate and attend, however we will make every effort to prioritize representation in our sessions, and what funds may be available to defray costs, to those doing the on-the-ground organizing work in their local communities to remove all symbols of white supremacy.

We call on all those engaged in this work, and those interested to attend, to tell their story. Send us a brief write-up about you, your organization, your activism, or your research work ahead of the conference so that we can highlight the widest range of work and perspectives in our collective history. We seek to make strategic links in our work at this conference and in our shared work to come.